Founded by Soraya Beheshti, Karavan is a mobile app designed to foster integration at a community level. It facilitates skill/service exchanges between refugees and citizens using a points system.



Today, 60 million people displaced worldwide. One of the greatest challenges facing society is how best to build harmonious and tolerant communities. With the rise of nationalism perpetuating a fear of “outsiders” the potential for a united humanity is threatened. However, studies show that innumerable psychological benefits arise from the feeling of adding value to one’s community, as well as from nurturing meaningful connections with others. Integration into the economic, cultural and social spheres is the most effective way of rehabilitating refugees. 

Work environments are one of the best places to meet people. However, as asylum seekers are prohibited from earning money in many countries, they are left with very few social arenas in which to make friends, leading them to feel disconnected, isolated, and demoralized. They are unique individuals with many skills and talents to offer. They want to resume normal lives, make connections, feel productive and valuable — and most of all, to feel a sense of belonging in their new communities

Karavan will launch in October 2017. The team have been gauging interest via the Facebook group Soraya started, which grew to nearly 4,000 members in two weeks. Meanwhile, they continue to do research projects in camps across Europe while encouraging more users to join the group. In addition they have created a crowdfunding page and are hosting events across major cities to raise money for app expenses.


You can contribute to our campaign to help make the dream of a #UnitedHumanity a reality here.


We believe the world is a better place when human rights don’t stop at a border.

We believe the world is a better place when every individual is treated with respect, dignity and value.

We believe in a united humanity.

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Executive Team

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Soraya Beheshti
Founder, CEO

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Dan Burkhardt


Soraya is a BA/MA student at Columbia University, doublemajoring in Film and Middle Eastern studies and specializing in postcolonial marginalization, displacement and migration. She advocates passionately about veganism, environmentalism and issues of exploitation through her website, online store and creative projects. She also studies several languages, and enjoys making documentary films and music.

After having spent time studying, researching, visiting camps and interacting with refugees in Jordan and Europe (including “The Jungle”, northern France’s notorious unofficial refugee camp), Soraya sought an interdisciplinary approach to the crisis, spanning the humanitarian, political and academic realms. She wanted to develop an innovative tech solution that had significant scaleability; to create a global movement. The aim was to supersede typical humanitarian responses, which are sometimes demeaning or unsustainable.


Board of Advisors


Website Design
Billy Caruso

Jessica Varalla

Mary-Kate Currey

Seung-Woo Hong



Open Positions


Our tribe are volunteers who go out into the world to spread the word about our exciting news, the wonderful work we are doing and the impact we have on the community. We are very selective about who we choose to have on our team and will analyze each application thoroughly.

Tribe members will engage in social media challenges, fun fundraisers and other forms of activism. Selected applicants will receive a starter-pack with more information, useful tips & special insider goodies.


  • Experience in non-profits preferred, but not mandatory
  • Passionate about ameliorating the plight of refugees

Social Media Intern

We would like someone to manage and grow our social media accounts. The employee will become part of a global social movement, and will receive priority consideration for full-time and part-time paid positions in the future. 



  • Experience in social media
  • Second language preferred -- especially Arabic, Farsi, Pashto or European language
  • Track record for growing accounts and viewership


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