Karvan is a non profit/hybrid organization that is creating a non-monetary, time based economic system to facilitate skill and service exchanges between refugees and citizens around the world. We believe in technology, and we believe in the power of people. most of all, we believe in a united humanity.



In the days of old, Silk Road merchants would travel with their camels in groups called Caravans. Caravansaries (“Caravan Palace”, Persian) were large guest houses dotted along the route where these travelers were welcomed and invited to eat well, shop, rest, dance, and interact with locals before continuing onward. Not only did they facilitate the movement of people and goods along these long roads, they also provided opportunities for people of all nationalities and religions to come together, to share stories and experiences, and ultimately, cultures and ideas too. They were far more than just mere pit-stops: they were the hubs for cross-fertilization of cultures and the diffusion of intellectual, spiritual and social ideas. Most importantly, they were powerful symbols of the hospitality and open-mindedness that enabled the world’s greatest scientific and philosophical breakthroughs to take place.


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Karvan App UX/UI Blockchain


At Karvan, our aim is to break down walls by enabling citizens and refugees to interact as equally empowered participants in mutually beneficial, non-monetary transactions. It is designed to foster integration at a community level and interpersonal, transnational connection